Our Team


Miss Lorelai

Lorelai is the founder and co-director of the DFW branch. She is a fun-loving, zany, and energetic performer who looks forward to entertaining anyone who seems like they want or need a smile. In her free time, she crochets, paints, sews, and works towards her teaching degree. Her favorite characters to portray are Tink, Rapunzel, Anna, Ariel, and any character with wings or a mermaid tail. She has a deep love of all things magick with seven years of portraying Fae at several Renaissance Fairs across the midwestern and southern regions. She can't wait to spice up your party and bring and excitement and magick into your lives!

Miss Luna

Miss Luna is the co-founder and directer of the DFW branch. She is a college student with over 15 years of theater experience and three years of princess party experience. When she was little, she wanted to be a princess when she grew up, and now she can live that dream! Miss Luna will be sure to do her best to bring fairy tales to life in every performance. Miss Luna is also CPR certified and has been through several courses in early childhood education.


Miss Dawn

Dawn loves performing as a princess, specifically singing. She is trained in musical theater and continues to work hard to learn more about the amazing word of cosplaying and princessing. Out of character, she is a student at Austin Community College, and she and her two brothers own and operate a pet care service. Dawn is ready to provide your little sparkle with a magical experience they will never forget.


Miss Athena

Athena's favorite princess is Rapunzel, and she loves to perform as her too. She loves cosplay, dogs, art and video games. Outside of princesses, she loves Star Wars and her favorite character in all of fiction is Jill Valentine. She loves performing and can't wait to bring some magic to the world!

Miss Celeste

Miss Celeste is currently studying Performance and Production and English at Texas State College. She has done various acting gigs in the film industry such as short films, an Amazon Studios tv show and Fear The Walking Dead. She loves to cosplay, paint, sing, read and write as well as surrounding herself with her friends. She will be working for Disney starting in 2021. Miss Celeste would love to bring magick and excitement to any event you have!


Miss Neomi

Miss Neomi is currently earning her Bachelor's degree in Acting with a minor in Music. In addition to her

experience in film and theater, she has also worked as a summer camp counselor and kids dance teacher at  ZACH Theatre. Her favorite shows to perform in are Shakespeare, musicals, and children's theatre! She's excited to start this new adventure with Hidden Fae Entertainment and bring some magic to your child's special day!

Miss Sparkle


 Miss Sparkle loves performing and has been doing it for several years. She has experience in both onstage and film productions. Outside of performing she loves to bake, draw, and do special effects makeup. She is super excited to be apart of the company and cannot wait to bring magick to your next event!